Rug Cleaning & Repairs


Cleaning your horse rugs is not only essential for your horses health, it also prolongs the life of your rug, as it will rot if left covered in muck, dirt etc.

Re-Proofing your horses rug with a Water Repellent will help to extend the useful life of turnout rugs, helping to prevent leaks for longer. It also helps to keep the breathability of the fabric up to scratch. Re-proofing also helps to protect the fabric from harmful UV damage from the sun, again prolonging the life of your rug.

Most manufacturers nowadays do recommend that you have your rug cleaned once or twice a year.

Our services include:

  • Laundry to all horse rugs and animal bedding
  • Re-proofing service to turnout rugs and outdoor clothing
  • Local collection and delivery service (please call for details)
  • Express service available
  • Average one week turnaround
  • All rugs air dried¬†
  • De-hairing done free of charge
  • All rugs hand finished to a high standard


Our experienced machinists have been carrying out horse rug repairs for a number of years and are best placed to advise you if the repair is economically viable to carry out or not. 

Every effort is made to colour match the patches with recycled rug material or new. We also carry out alterations to customise the fit of your rug to fit or have a neck attached.

For more details on our Horse Rug Cleaning & Repair Service, telephone us on 01869 277742